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Spex Solutions Ltd. is able to provide you with a range of web design, programming and related services. If you wish for Spex Solutions Ltd. to provide any of the services offered throughout this website, you may need to complete an agreement and confirm that you have read and accept all terms laid out below.

You agree:
By using this website or our services, you agree acceptance of our terms, as well as your waiver of any claims against Spex Solutions Ltd. or its contractors arising out of your use of our services or this website. You accept that any information offered within this website is advisory and that Spex Solutions Ltd. accepts no responsibility for its accuracy. Any information offered through out this website may change from time to time. We make no representation, warranty or claim that any information available within this website is up to date or accurate. Spex Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to change its prices and T&C's without prior notice.

You agree that the content used in any design by Spex Solutions Ltd. will not in any way be unlawful, misleading, abusive, offensive, prejudicial or is likely to expose us to claims, lead us into prosecution, criticism, disrepute or cause us embarrassment.

Virus protection:
Whilst we carry out regular virus checks on our systems and virus check every incoming and outgoing file, we make no warranties that files sent from Spex Solutions Ltd. are free from virus infection and recommend you virus check all files received from us prior to opening or executing.

All content within this site is copyright owned by Spex Solutions Ltd. and may not be used or published unless written permission has been given by Spex Solutions Ltd.